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Experiential Learning

Who are Experiential Educators?

James Neill
Last updated:
06 Oct 2004

Who are Experiential Educators?

Everyone who educates experientially!  It has been said that experiential education is simply good teaching.  But some educational roles and positions particularly emphasize use of experiential education principles, including:

  • alternative education teachers (e.g., in Steiner schools and Montessori schools)

  • remedial educators

  • gifted & talented educators

  • workplace trainers

  • cross-cultural trainers

  • character educators

  • career counselors

  • service learning educators

  • sport and life coaches

  • camp counselors

  • mental health and nursing health professionals

  • environmental educators

  • outdoor educators

  • physical educators

  • challenge course practitioners

  • parents

  • carers

  • personal growth facilitators

  • spiritual leaders

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