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Articles about the Psychology of Play

James Neill
Last updated:
06 Oct 2004


Articles about the Psychology of Play

The power of play: Psychological benefits of play
(Hara Estroff Marano, Psychology Today, July, 1999)

Most of us think of adult play as respite or indulgence, but having fun is no trivial pursuit. In fact, it's crucial to our mental creativity, health and happiness.

Playing around: Children's lives are tightly scheduled and free time for "just playing" is increasingly scarce
(Keith Johnson, December 2, 2003,

Is it a problem that children's lives today are more tightly scheduled than ever?  You bet.

Why play games when there's work to do?
(Fletcher, A., 2002)

A well-written introduction and overview of the use of cooperative group games, including activity descriptions.

Articles about Group Games & Activities
(James Neill (ed.), 2004)

15+ articles which engage in the what, whys, wherefores, and how tos of outdoor education.