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Experiential Game Program
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Experiential Game Program Descriptions, Curricula & Curriculum

Workshop: Introduction to Experiential Games & Activities

Outlines a 2-3 hour workshop introducing "Project Adventure" style group games and activities.

Adventura Teambuilding

Czech Republic adventure-based team-building program description

Outdoor education lesson plans & curriculum

Physical education, environmental education, & staff training

Challenge course facilitation

Syllabus for a university course

Go Adventure Sports

Good outline/overview of the activities involved in a 1-day portable low elements adventure experience.

Kinglake West Adventure Camp

Basic description of program elements

Initiative Unlimited

Murder mystery and team building games

MountainQuest Corporate Enrichment

Teambuilding adventures, group drumming, experiential exercises, etc.

Project USE

General description of program elements and activities

Three Springs - experiential activities

Overview of the way experiential activities are used in therapy setting

Ultimate Adventures

Description of initiative game programs

Game & Activity Organizations

Organizations that provide group games and activities.

Last updated: 04 Apr 2006