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Fun Group Games - Three-Legged Race

Shared fun and laughter is healthy for individuals and groups.  Choose fun activities according to the specific situation and encourage the rediscovery of play.  If play becomes flow, the group dynamics can evolve to new levels.  Dare to join in.

Benefits of fun & laughter include:

  • Boosts immune system
  • Exercises muscles
  • Releases tension
  • Stimulates creativity

Descriptions of Group Games for Fun (on this website)

Giants, Wizards & Elves

Fun chasing game with suspense, laughter and exercise.  Giant (arms up, roars) beats elf (hands to ears); elf beats wizard (waves wand & "kazaam"); wizard zaps giant.


Energizing 10 min. group activity. Adds suspense, physical exercise, and fun. There are runners, catchers, and a winker.

Wobbly Broomstick

Creates wicked dizziness.  Put a 6ft stick in the middle of a circle.  Challenge: Holding stick vertically on end of chin, looking at the top, spin around 20 times, then throw the stick to the ground and jump over it.  Its almost impossible!

Chair Game

Hilarious, physically engaging, strategic group game.  Create a tight circle of chairs (1 each).  One person stands in middle, leaving a vacant chair.  The person in the middle tries to sit in the "vacant chair" but other people keep switching into the vacant chair, making the gap move.

Multi-Way Tug-of-War

Fun, physically demanding, competitive team activity.  Several teams pull against each other, requiring communication and tactics as well as strength to outmanoeuvre and win.



Each person places his head on another person's tummy, so that everyone is connected.  The 1st person says "Ha", then the 2nd person "Ha-ha" and so on.  The goal is to get all the way through the group without anyone laughing; its infectious if someone starts laughing.

3-way Thumb Wrestle

In threes, each puts in one hand.  Join hands with grip as per a 2-way thumb wrestle.  Try to pin the other two members thumbs for victory. Victors can then go into competition etc. if you want a grand winner.

Trains, Fox & Hunter

Groups of three.  Two are free - fox and hunter.  If fox gets on end of train, train becomes fox.  If hunter catches fox, they swap.

Hobby by Pantomime

In a circle, each person says own name & shows his/her hobby by pantomime.

Circle Dance

In a circle, everybody swaps to opposite side - Return to old place backwards - Go to opposite side blind.


1. In pairs in a small space (e.g., rope circle) - Try to catch partner - If caught, switch chaser. 2. Catch partner by sight - using binoculars made from hands.


Everybody is blind & normal – if normal people meet each other they have to make a sound – but one person will be a vampire (chosen by leader) who doesn’t speak.  If you meet a vampire, become a vampire. If two vampires meet, they become normal.


In pairs, face to face.  Alternate counting 1 - 2 - 3 (keep going) then replace saying...1 with a clap...2 with clapping legs...3 with a jump


Groups of 5 to 8 players – the ending player has scarf like tail – the head of dragon has to catch tail of the other dragon – the dragons can’t break

Group Papers-Scissors-Stone

Two lines – play paper-scissors-stone – if person wins, moves up line, if person loses, swap into opposite line (remember some winners in that line will be moving up).  The line will keep moving.


Descriptions of Group Games for Fun (on other websites)

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Pairs Tag

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Last updated: 28 April 2013