Icebreakers, Warmups, Energerizers, & Deinhibitizers: Activities for getting groups going

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Why use icebreakers?

  • Create a positive group atmosphere
  • Help people to relax
  • Break down social barriers
  • Energize & motivate
  • Help people to "think outside the box"
  • Help people to get to know one another

Icebreaker, Warmup, Energizer, Deinhibitizer Descriptions (on this website)

Balloon Activities Games you can play with balloons to get a group having fun and working together.  Includes the hilarious "Fire in the Hole" (balloon on tummy, running at another person, bursting the balloon).

Group Juggle

Throw balls to others in a sequence, using each person's name.  Works every time.  Can be extended to "Warp Speed" (to see how fast the group can throw balls through a set order to each group member).

Categories Fun, interactive get-to-known activity.  Ask a group to organise themselves into smaller groups, based on categories such as favourite colour.

Gotchya (Grab the Finger)

Fast-moving 5 min. group activity to get people together and focused.  In a circle, right finger on next person's left palm.  Try to grab a finger before yours gets grabbed.

Human Knot

In a circle, people put their arms in and hold someone else's hand, then try to unravel the knot without letting go of hands.  Involves getting physically close to others, stretching, laughing and problem solving.

2 Truths & a Lie People write down two truths about themselves and a lie.  Then introduce the three "facts" to the rest of the group who tries to guess which one is a lie.

Fear in a Hat

Group members write personal fears anonymously on pieces of paper which are collected.  Then each person randomly selects and reads someone else's fear to the group and explains how the person might feel.  Fosters interpersonal empathy.

Have You Ever?

Active, fun group activity to explore and celebrate the rich diversity of people's past experiences.  Works well with large groups.


A group tries to create a unified story from a set of sequential pictures.  The pictures are randomly ordered and handed out.  Each person has a picture but cannot show it to others. Requires patience, communication, and trying to understand from another's point of view in order to recreate the story's sequence.

Animal Sounds

Participants are blindfolded and assigned an animal.  The challenge is to use animal noises in order to meet up with other animals of same species.  Releases energy. Loud, fun, chaotic, then gradually order and unity emerge.


Icebreaker, Warmup, Energizer, Deinhibitizer Descriptions (on other websites)

All My Neighbors

A fun, moving-around activity that breaks the ice, loosens people up, gets people alert and engaged.  Good for a group just beginning to get to know one another.


In a circle, people look at ground, then on "heads up" look into someone else's eyes.  If 2 people are looking at each other, they scream and are both out. Continue to see who is last - hilarious. []

Pairs Tag

In pairs, one is the chaser. With a big group, this allows for lots of hiding behind others - fun and active. []


Icebreaker Websites

Icebreaker games

Cheeky Cheeky, Dress the Mummy, Gum Art, Gum Game, Ha Hah, Ice Cube Hunt, King Boe Boe's Ring, Messy Twist, Moo Game, Puzzle Piece Search, Rumor, Scavenger Hunt, String Toos, Un-cola Pop Off, What's in Your Bag?, Who am I?

Large Group Icebreakers, Pt I

Alright-OK, Positive Recognitions, We'd Like To Welcome, Get a Grip, Creative Handshake []

Games to warmup for drama

Covers many games with basic descriptions

Drama warm ups and circle games

Games to build group and encourage participation in circle time [.pdf]

Team-builders, icebreakers

Name, high energy, low energy games, and more. []

Five simple drama warm ups

Five quick and easy to do warm up games with no props


Extensive, well-organized, easy to navigate
[Mike Wills]

Icebreaker activities

Interesting, different set of icebreaker resources.

Icebreakers 2000: Get-to-know-you activities for the first day of school

19 activities for teachers to use to help with getting to know one another on the first day of school.
[Education World]

Icebreakers for school

Activities for school settings. [pop-ups]

Icebreakers for corporate

Corporate leadership training.

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