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Peace Education Experiential Activities


Creative writing exercise to imagine crazy possibilities of peace and unusual ends to war.  Helps envisage solution-oriented approaches to conflict.

Solo Hour in Nature

We are rarely "still" in nature.  Visit a natural place that is conveniently available.  Spend one hour in silence.  Simply observe and be.  Relaxing and opening.

World Fact Game

4 sets of world fact quiz questions to be completed in small teams.  See also World Facts about the Universe & History of Human Activity on Earth.

"Peace" tattoo

Students "tattoo" themselves with a peaceful message,  e.g., see excellent photos of words like "peace" written on people's hands.  Thin, colored washable markers work well.

Peace curricula & classroom resources

Detailed list of large amount of peace-related teaching resources.  See also peace education curricula.

The World Game
(Buckminster Fuller)

To make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation
without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone.

Multicultural, cross-cultural, & intercultural games & activities

Activities to help people discover and understand ways in which people from other cultures think and act.

Pre-school peace education lesson plans

Peace definition, peace holidays, using peace readings, peace craft, peace books to read to kids

Living Values Activities for Children

Activities which promote peace within and to help imagine and create a peaceful world.  Sections for 3-7 year olds, 8-14 year olds, and young adults.

Songs for World Peace

Be a peace-builder and sing songs about peace...also hear Peter Puffin's song "Song of Peace" 2.7MB MP3


Experiential Peace Activities Related to Current Events

Students re-enact UN security council session

Students re-enacted a critical UN session -- and come out with a different decision -- that war on Iraq was not justified.

Guidance for instructors concerning class discussions about war in Iraq

Insightful advice to consider for instructors who may lead discussions about the war.


Do your own "peace" tattoo


Books with Descriptions of Experiential Peace Activities

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