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All Aboard!

Description of a Team Building Activity

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All Aboard!

  • This activity requires working together in close physical proximity in order to solve a practical, physical problem.  It tends to emphasize group communication, cooperation, patience and problem solving strategy, as well as issues related to physical self and physical proximity.
  • The activity can be run in many different ways.
  • Basic method: Ask the whole group to try to fit inside a small area which can be marked by:
    • small platforms, or
    • circle of rope, or
    • tarpaulin or blanket
  • When the group succeeds, decrease the area (e.g., changing platforms, shrinking the circle, or folding the tarp) and challenge the group again.  How far can the group go?
  • Cautions: Obviously people are going to need to feel physically comfortable in order to get physically close and be supportive of one another.  So make sure people are warmed up and preferably have removed excessive jewellery, watches, etc.


  • Tarp Flip Over: With a group standing on a tarp, challenge them to turn the tarp over without anyone touching the ground in the process.  Can add a time limit e.g., 15 mins for this activity.
  • All Aboard!Framing, e.g.,"The group must work together to ensure everyone manages to get aboard the new management structure. As time goes by, the team must become closer to deal with shrinking margins and increased competition." []
  • Team building variation of Tarp Flip Over: the group discusses the present state of the team and a future desired state for the team.  One side of the tarp represents the present state, the other side the future.
  • Name game: The activity can be used as a name game by setting the rule that every communication to another person must include that person's name.






  • 10ft of rope for a circle or a tarpaulin or small platforms


~15-20 minutes

Brief description

    A classic teambuilding activity in which a group is challenged to physically support one another in an endeavour to occupy an ever diminishing space.

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