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Chair Game

Description of a Fun Group Game

James Neill
Last updated:
11 Jun 2004

Chair Game

  • Active, physical engaging variation on "musical chairs"; can entertain a group for hours

  • Place chairs in a tight circle, with the chairs touching each other.

  • Have 1 person stand in the middle - there is now a vacant chair

  • The person in the middle tries to sit in an empty seat

  • The group prevents the person by someone moving seat, creating a new vacant seat

  • The game moves fast -- due to the strategic "bum-shuffling" by the group, the place of the empty seat is in constant movement, like a Mexican wave, changing directions, tempting, then moving fast - or instantly appearing on the other side if a bold cross is made by someone

  • Eventually the person in the middle makes a successful lunge for a seat (it can get very dramatic), the group member who was aiming for the seat (group consensus) now goes in the middle

  • And so on....

Equipment: 1 armless chair per person.  Robust kitchen chairs are ideal.

Time: ~10 to 60 mins

Brief description:

Hilarious, physically engaging, strategic group activity/game.  Create a tight circle of chairs.  The  person in the middle tries to sit in the "vacant chair", but it keeps moving because group switching themselves into the vacant chair.