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Cocktail Party

Description of Name Game/Icebreaker Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
13 Nov 2004

Cocktail Party

  • Role playing can be a lot of fun and can be used to quickly loosen social tensions and for learning about one's self and others

  • It can fun to meet people by pretending to meet in different circumstances e.g., at a cocktail party.

  • Demonstrate walking up to someone, introducing oneself, having a bit of chit-chat and moving on to meet someone else.  Put drama and enthusiasm into it.  It needn't be a long encounter, but do try to get to know the essence of the  person, e.g.,

  • "Hi, how are you?...I'm name.....So, what kind of work do you do?  Where are you from?  Aren't the curtains awful!  etc. Oh, there's someone over there I want to meet....."

  • Demo again that people should start each encounter by sharing names since learning some is often one of the goals of the exercise.

  • After the novelty of the cocktail party scenario peaks, announce new scenarios e.g.,

    • at a cocktail party

    • on the beach on a hot summer day

    • in a nightclub

    • at a funeral for a mutually loved friend

    • as Olympic athletes before 100m sprint final, etc.

    • on a blind date

    • as prisoners arriving at a jail (e.g., what did you do?)


~10-15 minutes

Brief Description:
People mill around, meet each other, shake hands and chat according to different scenarios e.g., cocktail party, nightclub, on the beach, etc.