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Running Free

Description of a Trust-building Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
28 Jul 2004

Running Free

  • Find a large, flat area with soft ground, e.g., grass

  • Make sure people are warmed up, stretched and ready for running

  • Invite participants to find a partner

  • Hand out one blindfold per pair

  • One person puts the blind fold on and holds hands with participant

  • Ask the seeing person to take their partner on a:

    • slow walk (~a couple of minutes)

    • a normal-paced walk (~1 minute)

    • a fast walk (~30 secs)

    • a jog (~30 secs)

    • a run (~15 secs)

    • a fast run (~15 secs)

  • Allow participants time to relax, swap over, and then take them through the same sequence

Equipment: large area preferably with soft ground for falling, e.g, grass.

Time: ~20 mins per person in group

Brief description:

In pairs, one person is blindfolded.  Holding hands, the blindfolded person is lead gradually from a slow walk up to fast running.  Swap.