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Slice 'n Dice

Description of a Trust-building Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
12 Nov 2004

Slice 'n Dice

  • A dramatic finale type trust activity for a large group.

  • Seems crazy or impossible, but it works.

  • Large group (>30) forms two lines, facing one another, creating a corridor or gauntlet.

  • Participants put out their arms straight in front.  Arms should intersect, overlapping by about a hand with arms of people opposite. 

  • The first person peels off and walks down the corridor.  In order to let the person pass, people raise and then lower their arms, creating a Mexican wave effect - a ripple through which a person is walking.

  • The person then joins in again at the end of the line.

  • Next person, peels off,  walks, down, and so on.

  • As the group gets more confident, invite people to walk fast, run, and then sprint down the gauntlet (people generally take great care to raise their arms in time).

  • At some point, or for the finale, have people chop their arms up and down, only pausing to allow the gauntlet-runner through.  It works!

Equipment: large, safe space, preferably outside or in a gym

Time: ~15 mins

Brief description:

A dramatic trust activity for a large group.  Group forms a gauntlet, arms out in front.  As a person walks down the gauntlet, people raise their arms.  Build up to people down running the gauntlet through a sea of chopping arms!