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Description of a Fun, Energizing Group Activity

James Neill
Last updated:
11 Sep 2004


  • Chasing activity which works best with larger groups (16-30)

  • Make sure people are physically warmed-up.

  • Form a circle, all facing in one direction, then sit (on ground or in chairs).

  • Every second person is designated as a catcher. Catchers watch the backs of the person in front, who are runners.  Runners maintain eye contact with the winker, who is in the middle of the circle.

  • When he winker winks at a runner, the runner gets up as fast as possible and try to get away - and run a full lap.  The runner behind the winker must be alert and try to catch the runner.

  • The winker keeps it moving.

Equipment: None.  Chairs optional.

Time: ~10 minutes

Brief Description: Energizing  group activity. Adds suspense, physical exercise, and fun. There are runners, catchers, and a winker.