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Figure 1. Wilderdom vs. University of Canberra (Traffic)

This graph shows the Alexa Daily Traffic Rank (a combination of Reach and Page View Rankings) for Wilderdom compared to the University of Canberra, one of 40 recognized universities in Australia, over the past year.

Figure 2. Wilderdom vs. Experiential and Outdoor Education (Reach)

This graph shows the Daily Reach (number of web users per million who visit a site) of five of the most popular experiential and outdoor education websites over the past 2 years according to Alexa.

This graph does not factor in the number of pages viewed or the amount of time spent on the sites. Such comparisons would tend to further widen the observed differences. For a live version of this graph, click here and insert the following text "aee.org outdoored.com reviewing.co.uk acacamps.org".

A Daily Traffic comparison can't be provided because these comparison sites are not in Alexa's top 100,000.